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29 September 2009 @ 06:49 pm
So I found out that my bio teacher is Armenian and French. But mostly Armenian. I think that's pretty cool. He's also the best teacher ever.

I got a 65 on Mullen's oral presentation. Whatevs. Everyone said I did better than that, and I can understand getting 2 points on eye-contact, I probably should have gotten 1 point on eye contact. I just don't  make it. It makes me uneasy. But a lot of the other criteria I think I should have gotten at least 4s.

Oh well.

I feel like I could happily rot in wristcutter/suicide hell right now. It's like real life, only a little worse. But my parents wouldn't be there. It might be nice...

I like how when I have to go to work and not eat dinner, everyone at home will save their dishes for me to was for them.

I've not done a private journal since the one I accidentally posted publicly. I guess it's pointless to do them anyway because what does it matter, right?

I wish my parents would leave me alone or HELP me or SOMETHING.

I need to head to a hardware store. I want to get some Morning Glory seeds.... the blue kind. I want to try and make some LSA with cold water filtration method. Fuck that alcohol filtration and all that shit. What's the point in keeping it natural if you're just going to add volatile chemicals to it anyhow?

I was going to clean my room today,  but I watched Wristcutters instead. It's kind of an inspiring movie.

I'm just feeling really drained right now I guess...

I can't wait to move out. Get out of this negative energy.

I hate my job too. I want to apply to Jaho A.S.A.P. so I can getthefuck out of Taco Bell. Satu keeps fucking GLARING at me. Fucking hell what did I DO to her? Lazy bitch. We all do all the work SHE should be doing. while she sits there and eats. Damaris scares me. Marco... don't even get me started. And as for co-workers. I want to MURDER Kieth because he is STUPID, an ASSHOLE, and NOT. FUNNY. Maggie is a jerk.

Jason is a cool manager, makes fun of everyone but it's alright because he makes fun of EVERYONE. and he can take it if you make fun of him. Marquis is cool. Chaz is cool, Irlene is cool as well, we're bros and all that. Francis is a good kid.

It's just....the first group, and the general public. I don't like them.

School... Glen is the best teacher ever. Mullen... I don't know. I don't think she's fair. DeSantis is suddenly a bitch. Twombly is running Gardela's class so it's like I have her anyhow. Bob. I just noticed he has 4 fingers on one hand today... It's natural... Hmmm took me 4 years to notice, he's cool though.

I get along with Shane and Wanza in my shop. Shane is really sweet and cares about people and doesn't care what they think. Wanza is really sensitive but that's okay I guess. I just have to be careful sometimes of what I say. Jake is a jerk most of the time, and Angie is fickle.

Has anyone seen Christina???

I like Annie, too. She's also really sweet even though she's strange. She's got tourettes, but she can laugh at her own tick, so it's cool.

Sam is awesome, Peter is a creep but he's toning down. I wish he would stop smoking because he CAN'T handle it. He just gets....STUPID.

Coral is outspoken and kind of vulgar but she's really sweet to people she knows and even if she's unhappy she's happy.

I like a kid at school, too. But he's got a girlfriend. LOL. FIGURES. Oh well. Maybe I'll tell him if they break up. He lives in Boxford though.

I finally won something. The design contest for shop tshirts. Yay. I didn't think I would though.

Mike is prank calling my work over skype right now... Haha... It's acutally cheering me up, but they're hanging up too fast, so now he's gonna do McDonalds or something. :C hhhhhhhh he's really funny.

Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: Mike's Prank Calling, and Gogol Bordello