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24 October 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Oh man today was just so terrible... It started off nice. I got my room cleaned, got my computer pretty organized. I rped and talked to Matty and Emma, too.

Then I had to go to work and work with Marco and it was just hell. Then again it kind of always is oh well. After hell I come home and check my messages and play with my miceee they're so cuteeee. Look at my Johari/Nohari; they read -

Matt thinks: caring, intelligent, friendly, accepting, mature.

Starch thinks: glum, insecure, needy, brash, chaotic, loud.
anon thinks: aloof, simple, irresponsible, vulgar, unethical.

Durhurr.... Two people filled out the negatives, and only one filled out the positives, and one of the negatives is anonymous, even OTL I know that I'm depressing, insecure, needy a good amount of the time, a brat, and can be loud... But am I really stupid, irresponsible, vulgar and unethical? I really hope that's not the way I seem to others...

Matty is so nice to me though :c I feel bad that a lot of people don't appreciate him the way that they should, and that they treat him as badly as they do...

Right now I'm kind of just feeling depressed...

I guess I had a lot more to write before now too. My mind kinda went blank though I guess...

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Grimm: Pink Stanspiderlolita on October 25th, 2009 03:34 am (UTC)
D=> psh. You're not stupid. You're far from stupid. I think vulgar might be objective, depending on the person's own point of view.... Same for unethical. But I don't think you are.
thenagain... if you're those things, then there's a good chance I am too xD;

And you shouldn't let someone who leaves anonymous feedback even COUNT to you. D= it's probably some jerk. Or someone who doesn't much like you in the first place )=

Anyhoo don't let it get you down too much D=> And I hope you feel better. ;m;