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05 October 2009 @ 10:58 pm
I was nice to Christina today  
Even if it fulfills some sort of sadistic gap in my soul I don't really see why I should instinctually seek out people like that. I mean yeah I feel like she copies me. Ohwell :U I don't care so long as she doesn't rip my characters off anymore.

It's not as bad as Dylan talking shit behind everyone's backs and trying to make everyone hate each other and also simultaniously become the center of attention. And then taking wonderful things and murdering them for me. I'm sorry but your personality annoys me. You take things like start wearing purple and make them unenjoyable any longer. You take things that other people say and steal them.

I see no reason to hide shit anymore so whatever. I know you're on my lj friends so you'll see this maybe, if you care enough about anyone other than yourself to read this. You'll probs show Christina,too, oh wait but that wouldn't make her hate me more, maybe it would. I don't know. I don't care.

I'm too cynical for this anymore. Charades and hiding opinions and feelings. It's stupid. And I'm not going to have posse wars either. I honestly only count a few people as my true friends, so most of the people in school probably secretly hate me anyhow. I'm not going to go saying these are my friends and these are not because that's rude. But in all honesty I don't trust that many people, and sometimes they don't trust me either. So of course I can't trust them.

Now I'm rambling.

Whatever I guess I'm done with this.

You probably won't talk to me at the bus stop tomorrow. Or maybe you will, and you'll read this when you get home instead.

Maybe you'll never see it. Who knows.

You should really stop being so conceited. No one really cares.
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